For Office

Office Moves

Moving your office? Let us survey your new location for suitability. We set up your new Internet connection while minimizing office downtime. We handle computers, telephones and other IT equipment. Once in place, the hardware will be re-commissioned and tested. If necessary we also move on weekends and after hours.

Server Support

Whether you are operating with one server underneath a desk or you are using high quality servers handling critical functions across your office; we have the experience to give you the best support.

Remote Monitoring and Support

Our remote monitoring software knows if you backups are running, if your servers are unhealthy or if you network is down.


Let us use our 15 years of IT experience to help you choose the right office equipment for your needs, within your budget. We assist you with hardware, software, printers, telephones and cabling needs and provide the assembling, configuration and full installation. We can also manage the ordering of desktop hardware, parts replacement and software, including configuration, maintenance and standardized installs for corporate desktops.

Cloud Services

Managed cloud based backups and restore tests. Cloud Services allows employees to be able to access their files from anywhere they have a internet connection. You can also collaborate from a remote office and share files and information from a central cloud. Cloud computing offers cost flexibility. Businesses can avoid the significant upfront costs of purchasing and installing software applications and hardware systems. This is particularly helpful for small businesses operating on a tight budget.

Software Installation

Installing and upgrading your software can be tricky. We can do this for you and make sure it is ready for use. Software licensing can be complex and time consuming. We can arrange licensing contracts and renewals and make sure you only pay for what you need whilst staying legal. We can also help you with:

  • Calculate the number of upgrades
  • Upgrading (check upgrades beforehand)
  • Virus, Spyware, Malware and Adware detection and removal
  • Install to any computer system (Mac, Windows)
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Printer/Scanner Installation
  • Network Administration and Maintenance